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Earnings Tracker is a free accounting tool for contractors and freelancers
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John Dixon Technology
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19 February 2011

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Businesses often pour huge efforts in reckoning and managing various transactions including, company revenues and expenditures like invoices, salaries, expenses, etc. Any snag in these calculations would ultimately result into misinterpretation of financial results and thereby present a false picture of company’s growth. Hence, a proper handling and analysis of the financial data is highly called for. Well, you can now delegate most of your account handling troubles to Earnings Tracker 4.0. It helps the users in managing different types of transactions including, dividends, salaries, taxes, pensions, etc. Earnings Tracker is extremely easy to use and its features help in easy calculations.

Using Earnings Tracker 4.0, you just need to follow a simple process and store the transactions. To start with it, first you need to register and form an account to work with it. Log-in and you will be prompted to set the static values to carry out further calculations. With the ‘Set Static Values’ you’re required to enter the Gross Monthly Salary, VAT Flat Rate Percentage and Monthly Accountancy Fee, and then press to Update/Confirm Values to get them applied to the records. You can update your profile and start on working further. With the given ‘Add Month’ feature you can select the year, month, and record the money coming in and going out. This includes Amount Invoiced, Income Tax, Expenses, Pension Contribution, Dividend Taken, etc. With the View/Edit Spreadsheet feature first you need to select the columns like Month, Amount Invoiced, VAT Charged, Accountancy Fee, Gross Monthly Salary, Income Tax, Bank Interest, Other Revenue, Expenses Taken, Corporation Tax Due, Maximum Dividend, etc, to be displayed on the spreadsheet and enter the relevant values in it. You can even easily create and edit the dividend tax vouchers.

Earnings Tracker 4.0 application helps you in recording and managing the revenues and expenditures of your business and makes your calculations extremely easy. For its instrumental feature-set, optimal performance and purposeful assistance it offers in carrying out easy calculations, the software is rated with 3.5 points.

Publisher's description

Earnings Tracker is a free accounting / bookkeeping software tool for contractors and freelancers. It enables invoice amounts, salaries, pension contributions, and expenses to be recorded, and calculates the amount of corporation (business) tax due. It also calculates dividend payments for shareholders, and enables dividend tax vouchers to be generated. Written in PHP and MySQL, Earnings Tracker can be downloaded and installed on a web server, or a preinstalled online version can be used. There is also the option to buy Earnings Tracker preinstalled on a USB memory stick. A small charge is made for this version to cover the cost of the memory stick itself, and package and postage. The software also handles multiple users.
Earnings Tracker
Earnings Tracker
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